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WarFrame (Again)

So, recently I got very heavily back into WarFrame (I’m not going to go into detail explaining it again), but now I have been playing it a lot. Maybe a little too much, since I’ve been playing it with my friends for about a month and a half straight. I’ve invested probably way too much of my time into this game, but I enjoy it. Now I have begun trading in the game. I did it before, but not at this high of a level. Trading is kind of what revived this game for me.

As I believe I explained before, you can trade in game items for currency that has to be purchased. So if a player purchases the money, they can trade it to you in return for what you have. It’s fun to do, I’ve made a lot platinum (The purchasable currency) so I’ve been getting a ton of cool stuff.

Not only that, but now I have been building a lot of new warframes and weapons, so the game just doesn’t feel like the same old gameplay with the same old stuff. Also, I have been getting quests done! Some of them are really boring and dull, I hate those ones. However, at the end of each, you normally get a unique reward for completing it that can benefit your gameplay a lot, it’s very fun.


Don’t Starve Together

So, there was a massive sale during Christmas. I mean MASSIVE! Games that cost a lot of money on Steam were up to 90% off on some games. So, naturally, we decided to dump $100+ on said sale. This is one of the games we purchased. Don’t Starve Together is a version of the game Don’t Starve. This one allows you to play with friends and survive in the same world. The concept is pretty simple. You spawn into an unknown random world and begin looking for materials to allow you to survive. A lot of stuff is needed to survive.

As a beginning tip, the night is your enemy, and a big one at that. You need fire to survive each night and eventually keep warm in the winter. While it is night time and you are without a fire, you are attacked by an entity known as Charlie. Charlie is the creature that stalks you in the night, eventually hurting you if you linger too long. Also, make sure you manage your sanity well. If you don’t, eventually shadow creatures will take form and attack you during the day and night.

Hunger is also a big factor, and eventually, it can get a bit hard to manage. So the basics of the game are, eat, manage supplies, don’t go insane, and stay away from the night. Now for the story!

The background of the game and why you’re there starts with a magician named Maxwell (At first he is considered the king of the Don’t Starve universe). He is a struggling magician until he finds a rare book, a book that can summon shadows. he begins using the book and its dark magic for fame and glory, until one day it backfired. He seems to have constructed the Don’t Starve world as his set for magic. During a show with him and his assistant Charlie, he attempts to pull a shadow out of the book. At first, it worked, but then it retaliated, and pulled Maxwell and Charlie in. Maxwell became trapped in a chair of shadows, then becoming the king of the Don’t Starve world. Charlie became a monster who is half herself, and half of the evil shadow. She often can’t control the shadow’s actions, which makes her attack people.

Now here comes Wilson, a scientist always looking for new knowledge. One day, he receives a weird message from a device telling him it can offer a secret knowledge. Greedy to know more, Wilson began building the portal the device was telling him. Once it was made, Wilson began having doubts about it, but he was shouted at to turn it on. Then shadows grabbed him and forced him into Don’t Starve. The device that was talking to Wilson was Maxwell, he was luring Wilson in to save him from the chair that he can’t get out of. As Wilson adventures throughout Don’t Starve, he gears up and finds a tired and sad Maxwell trapped in his chair. He asks Wilson to free him because he has the option to do so. Without knowing, however, the chair takes Wilson as the new host instead, leaving him trapped there while Maxwell is happy and free.

When Don’t Starve Together was announced, another cutscene was released showing what happened to Wilson. Charlie comes to him in her regular form, but the evil shadow quickly takes control. It begins painfully zapping the shadow magic out of Wilson from him being on the chair, leaving him unconscious and falling into a portal. Wilson is now free, but Charlie takes the throne for herself. She does, however, have trouble deciding which version of her controls it, the good of bad. Eventually both forms come together and agree and Charlie controls the throne.

Thus is the story of Don’t Starve, as it continues with more people spawning into the Don’t Starve world.


It took very long, but I finally got an iPhone 6. Now you may be asking “Why should I care, I’ve had one for months now.” Good point, you really don’t need to. In case you are curious, however, I’m always the last one to get the new phone, I only ever got an iPhone because my brother didn’t want an upgrade. I’ve been waiting for this phone for a week now when I was told I’d get it on Christmas. Needless to say, it took quite a while.

The change kind of startled me. This thing is pretty much double the size of the iPhone 5 (Which everyone knows because I get the new iPhones very late) and it was really weird. I would have liked to have it sooner so I could get used to it before school started, but that didn’t happen. A new feature I noticed immediately that the iPhone 5 didn’t have, was 1080p youtube videos. That was a cool new change.

Anyways, it took a long time of waiting just to get the chips transferred, almost an unnecessary amount of time for how long my transfer took. It may have been annoying waiting, but it was worth it. I have to be careful with it though since it has no screen protector apparently. If only I didn’t have to wait an extra week because my mom was having trouble backing up 2,000+ photos on her phone.


Developed by the same people who made Smite, Paladins is a first-person shooter team game with various objectives. It is only in a beta-ish state right now, but it has enough to be a lot of fun. There are only two game modes, and around 5 maps. I’d say it needs more to be a lot of fun, and I think that’s the truth. It has 15 characters, or just about that much (I don’t really know).

It costs in-game currency to unlock champions. You earn a lot, though, so it’s pretty easy to unlock them. There are items to buy once you are in a match, but I don’t think they need to be there. It’s kind of unnecessary to have those items, but they’re there to provide an assortment of buffs. The game is really interesting and kind of goofy, but it’s fun.

Ultimate God Pack

Remember when I talked about Smite? I said you could buy all of the characters for $30 but it makes the game less fun? Well, I’m a bit of a hypocrite. The game is actually a lot more fun when you have some variety to play it with. I mean a LOT more fun. I got the Ultimate God Pack during Thanksgiving break. I’ve had more fun playing Smite ever since. Trying all of the 70+ characters is really fun, and it takes a bit of time too. It makes it so you’re not sitting there wondering what to play when you have about 3 options. Instead, I take up nearly the entire match setup timer thinking about who I should play. I still have yet to try all of them. I’ve played probably about 35 of the 76 (I think), and have been trying more and more. I’m not going to lie when I say some of the gods don’t interest me. Some really don’t. They seem really bad or unfun to play, but I’ll probably get around to it. It’s also kind of hard to try them when your computer feels like it wants to melt from the inside out. Sometimes that’s the case and it shuts down due to overheating. There are ways I’ve been managing that issue to allow me to play Smite for a far longer period of time. Smite has gotten a lot more fun, and for some reason most cases when I try a new character without knowing what they do, I do unnaturally good as them for that first game.

Terraria Update

Recently, Terraria came out with 1.3.4 that offers a lot more for the game. It’s pretty weird in all honesty, though. It gives the game 8 new armor sets, a few new bosses, another NPC, 3 new pets, 10 new weapons, and a little more I think. This update is a complete crossover from the game Dungeon Defenders 2.

The new “boss” is a fight with multiple waves of enemies. Eventually, it spawns a bigger, stronger, unique enemy that has a chance of dropping good loot. In the normal game, before you reach hard mode there are 5 waves of enemies that spawn. After hard mode, I’m not entirely sure how many more waves are added, but there are quite a few.

You must talk to an NPC called the Tavernkeeper who sells you things called Eternia Crystals, which you put on a shrine that summons the Old One’s Army. After defeating a lot of stuff you get what are called Defender Medals which allow you to buy items specific to this update. It’s pretty interesting, it kind of makes me want to play Dungeon Defenders 2 again to learn more about it.


Smite, in my opinion, is a sort of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game done right. I only say this because it doesn’t do the thing where the camera is right above the field, instead, it’s right behind your character. I like that part of the game. Anyway, that’s not the reason I wanted to talk about this game. Recently, Jacob and I have begun playing it, all week. It’s a game where the player can play as gods of different types, for example, you can be an Egyptian god, Roman god, Greek god, Hindu god, Chinese god, and Japanese god. It’s pretty cool!

As you play the game, you collect gold to buy items in a match. You can get gold by killing minions, monsters, or enemy heroes. Items play a very significant role in battle. They are basically your upgrades that can drastically change how much damage you do, how much health you have, and how fast you attack, move, or critical hit. You can buy items that passively heal you or potions to heal you for about 250 over 25 seconds. If you want to win, buying is essential.

In terms of unlocking gods, you can either spend $30 or gather the currency in the game to unlock them at 5,500 favor. Though the second option takes a lot longer, you don’t spend $30. Also, in my opinion, it makes the experience more fun, you have to work to get everything. The game is super fun, but can be frustrating when people don’t play well and you do good. Blaming teammates happens a lot.

(Fun fact: This has been a draft for three weeks)

Broforce (Post 2)

This will be the second time I’ve talked about this game. I have good reason to return to it. Jacob B. had gotten the game over the weekend and we’ve been enjoying it. We have progressed a lot farther than before. The game has changed dramatically. Not only has it gotten harder, but there are more awesome characters to be found! It’s great. For example, there have been great characters like Brodator (Predator), and others (I forget their names). It’s been a fun adventure so far.

After awhile the game just kind of turned chaotic. When fighting the normal guys all of the sudden these purple aliens came out of nowhere and at them. Immediately (thinking I probably already knew the reference) I shouted “Xenomorphs!” I wasn’t wrong. The game had already had two playable characters referencing the Alien series, it only made sense. By sense I mean, this game has already gone off the rails in terms of any logical explanation, there is bound to be more stupid stuff referencing things. Shortly after fighting off hordes of aliens, Fighting a giant alien that erupted from the ground out of nowhere, and destroying the heart of an alien, the game got even more ridiculous.

After the whole alien shenanigans, it turned out Satan practically sucked up America in a black hole to the underworld. At least, that’s what I could assume. Now there were zombies chasing us with guns, undead guys trying to run at us and explode, and now a new enemy sorcerer wizard nerd trying to use magic on us. They weren’t very nice. Anyway, I have no clue what happens next since Jacob’s game kind of bugged out and we can’t play on that save together anymore. So what will happen next? The world may never know! At least until we play again.

PS4 Games and PC Rant

Since the whole breaking of my computer and stuff, I haven’t been able to play many fun games. I’ve been limited to my PS4 mainly, and my phone. They aren’t bad alternatives , but I’m really starting to miss my computer. Seriously, I had like, 50 games on that thing! Hopefully we can get it in soon, but for now, it’s kind of dead. I blame Microsoft. Also my dog. Microsoft and my dog broke my computer. It should be back in its glorious state of working within the next week, but who knows? I don’t.

Luckily I’ve had my PS4 with me. Without it, I’d probably be going mad. I’m not joking either which is the sad part. I don’t have much to occupy myself at home, so video games are there for me. I’ve been able to play with Jacob B. occasionally, but not really for a long time. An hour or 2 at most, maybe more if his brother isn’t home. Kind of convenient he got a PS4 a few days before my computer  broke (still super upset about that). It’s really unfortunate that  I can’t play as much stuff on my PC on my PS4. My PC has about 50+ games, (I’ve only used about 600+ gigabytes on games it’s ok) compared to my PS4’s 3 or 4. I have more games than that of course, but they aren’t really even worth playing. Most of them are just random games put for free since nobody buys them.

For example, just this month I got Resident Evil HD Remaster and Transformers Devastation. I don’t really like the older Resident Evil games so I didn’t like this one. However, beating up stuff as a robot that can turn into a T-Rex is pretty awesome. Also, semi trucks, sports cars, and whatever else comes later on. So that was definitely the highlight of this month. Most of my time has been spent playing Planetside 2 though. The game is very fun but takes a while to really get you anywhere. So I’m happy I still have all of these things to do and games to play. I’m still going to heavily complain about my computer until it’s fixed even though it’s a minor first world problem.

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